9 Useful Tips To Organize Your Pantry

In not every house there’s a pantry but if you have one, it’s very comfy. Here are some tips for pantry organization.
1. Use a variety of different storage containers a mix of glass jars, plastic containers with pourable lids, baskets, and small risers/shelves.
2. Don’t try to force everything into a pretty container because it’s often impossible and even not necessary.
3. Prioritize air tight containers for the stuff you store the longest. For example, if you store flour and sugar, choose containers with a pourable lid not to get icky and attract bugs.
4. Labeling is a fun touch that automatically makes your pantry look organized.
5. Maximize your space with risers.
6. Put the least used stuff highest up.
7. If you have young children, keep the tempting stuff out of reach.
8. Buy what your space holds: pantries only look organized if they aren’t overflowing with stuff. Go through your pantry and clean out old and expired items.
9. Maximize dead space: stick your garbage can and recycling bin on the floor to free up room in the kitchen and make use of the floor in the pantry.

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