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Amazing LEED Home With a Very Vertical Design – HouseHillside House


This contemporary residence LEED Platinum home that spans four levels on a hill of Mill Valley, California. It is designed by San Francisco-based SB Architects, and built by well-known green builder McDonald Construction. The steep hillside site provides for a very vertical design with living and private zones situated on multiple separate floors. The total area of interior spaces is 2,116 square feet while balconies and decks took up 1,567 square feet. These outdoor areas features stunning views of the bay and the San Francisco skyline beyond. The exterior and the interior both are done with using mostly natural materials. Among house’s green features are: low-flow fixtures, efficient LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, whole house automation, solar thermal, solar PV, and many others. { SB Architects | Photos by Mariko Reed }

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  1. Other Says:

    Give me a break. This kind of incredible and unnecessary consumption is in pure opposition to any “green” ideal. Totally full of itself.

  2. dan c Says:

    yeah green my ass but its beautiful house gotta admit hell id live there

  3. Earle W. Says:

    Hey ‘Other’ – Did it ever occur to you that not everyone shares your boring, homogenous, minimalist, “green” ideal? Who the hell do you think you are to pass judgment on what anyone does with the money they earn? You’re just a scumbag socialist with a mistaken belief that you’re somehow intellectually superior to the rest of us, and therefore, we ought to be striving for your “ideals”. Basically, you just want to shut down the world. I say screw your green ideal, screw you, and screw the bicycle you rode in on.

  4. ฟีโรโมน Says:

    It’s excellent to find out online sites along with material and many thanks for the discuss that you’ve given. Normally, I’m pretty amazed, but etc…

  5. greggy Says:

    Hey, Earl you needn’t be an asshole. You could simply point out that a house of comparable size built with older and cheaper building methods would consume twice the power. To assume she’s a “socialist” just for sharing her opinion makes you an ass not them. I’m not a liberal or even a dem and I can clearly see her point. We do need to be much more careful with our resources and conscientious of the world around us and the one we wish to leave our children. Turn off Glenn Beck and join the civilized word, Earl.

  6. Earle W. Says:

    Wow, Greggy (seriously? ‘Greggy’?) Thanks for straightening me out! I had no idea I was an uncivilized asshole just for listening to Glenn Beck.

    If you perceived that I was just a wee bit angry at ‘Other'(really original screen name), well, you were right. I guess I’ve just had it up to my nose hairs with self-righteous treehuggers trying to tell me and everyone else what amount of consumption is unnecessary.

    So let’s see if I’ve got this straight . . . you call me an uncivilized asshole for calling someone else a socialist. To paraphrase your logic, “To assume I’m an asshole just for sharing my opinion makes you an ass not me.” I’m gonna bet that you don’t even see the irony here.

    One last thing, Greggy . . . if you’re going to lecture me from your oh so civilized high horse, please have the courtesy to spell my name correctly.

  7. greggy Says:

    Ah, but you see? I never claimed not to be an asshole, simply that I do so by my own lights. I don’t need to take my cues from an ex-“morning zoo” DJ and Mormon “convert” of convenience and right-wing bomb thrower. And by your terminology, you’re a Glenn Beck, Ruba Limpdick follower with little in the way of your own thoughts.

  8. Earle W. Says:

    And by your cute little name, Greggy, I can see that your Mommy still dresses you. Such a rugged original individual! Greggy ‘drives by his own lights’.

    You’re a dime a dozen, kid. I’m moving on to something more interesting. Let’s just say that you’re right, I’m wrong, and you win. Now you have some perceived sense of relevance. Aren’t you proud!!

    (P.S., get another name, Greggy. Hell, I even feel sorry for you!)

  9. greggy Says:

    I’m 47 and retired, hardly a kid.

    What is it exactly that I win? You’re still an asshole as I am. And like most on the right you fill the pages with babble because you have no thoughts of your own. And you probably miss Limpdick today and don’t know what to say. We need not “say” that I’m right and you’re wrong because I am and you are. I hardly need you to find “relevance.” You’re just someone that I latched onto for your treatment of someone you don’t even know. See how you like it.

  10. Jbelkin Says:

    While the green aspect might be nice – it’s damn ugly. It’s got nice elements but way too many designs jammed together with a lot of kitsch – of course, if the owner is happy – great but no need for a dozen photos of a project that is clearly NOT a showcase of architecture or design – good intentions but clearly money wasted when stacking 10 recycled containers would’ve been just as green and more attractive than this hide lodge of a mess. What a waste of money.

  11. Emmy Says:

    Greggy, Earle… shut up.

  12. Matt Says:

    Earle W., calm down. You look like a fool.

  13. Timothy J. Says:

    Kind of afraid to post my name…
    Beautiful home, very pleasing to the eye. Balance of color and texture is wonderful. Green is having a a notion to tread a bit easier on this earth, and doing it in a way that makes you feel comfortable. If you have gobs of cash, and want to spend more on your home by using green methods, good on you.

    Even though it is exceedingly popular now, no rant or criticism here.

  14. Earle W. Says:

    Greggy, you have no right to insult me. I’m tired of liberal assholes telling everyone what to do. It was republicans like me, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi who built this country whilst opposing the liberal tyranny of Castro and Stalin.

    Don’t tread on me.

  15. Bivek Poudyal Says:

    For some reason an elevator (in a residential building) does not seem to go well with a lEED Platinum house. What an oxymoron. The green building council is a joke.

  16. greggy Says:

    “It was republicans like me, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi who built this country whilst . . .”


    What an idiot!!

  17. SanFranciscan Says:

    Hey Greggy. Nothing wrong with Glenn Beck. He’s a funny guy.

    Earle, let the liberals be liberals. Think of what I have to deal with here in SF.

    But really. This is an interior design website. Haha

  18. Terry Lee Says:

    Ha, ha, ha… I was perusing the pages of this great website and I just HAPPENED to read the comments on this page. Wow, you guys really take yourselves seriously here, which I totally understand, but since I’m stuck at a desk job that is probably the most boring thing anyone could ever do in life I’m just fantasizing about what I’m looking at and that’s about IT! These designs are just amazing!

  19. Terri Says:

    This is absolutely my favorite! Exactly how I would have designed the space. Every square inch. Top to bottom. I look @ these pics & I feel as though I am home. Love, love love it. Hats off to the designer. I can not say enough wonderful things about this space.

  20. Watson Says:

    let’s not feed the trolls, shall we?

  21. db Says:

    how polarized have we become when a fucking interior design post turns into a name-calling bash session? can’t wait for this country to erupt in flames and we won’t have any choice but to ‘go green’

  22. Alice Says:

    If we were all standing in a room together that fight would never have erupted like that. People hide behind their keyboards and treat each other without any common courtesy. If you want to be entitled to your opinion, then you need to recognize other people are entitled to theirs as well. Fucking ridiculous, we’re on an interior design website.

    It’s a real pity that politicians have polarized the country in their quest to “win”. Win, not lead. It’s always about one side being wrong and one side being right. When truth be told, we all ought to be smart enough to know that both sides have good ideas and both sides have terrible ideas. Ugh. Our founding fathers would be ashamed.

  23. limoo Says:

    Thanks for this cool Designs .. — imghndl.com

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