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Apartment In Traditional Scandinavian Colors

Sat, Mar 26, 2011 | Traditional home designs | By Kate

This beautiful apartment is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Here lives a lawyer with his wife and two sons, of 2 and 8 years. The interior is bohemian but cozy and sweet as children live here. There is a collection of elephants – it’s the hobby of the owner – and these are nice accessories. The colors used are traditional for Scandinavian interiors – white, purple, grey; the windows are really big to let the light in. I love the kitchen: modern furniture looks very cozy in the combination with a rustic dining table of natural wood and a nice rug. The architects managed to create a nice apartment in traditional Scandinavian colors, with a touch of pop art and East – with the help of the collection of the elephants.

Source: skonahem

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Old Comments

  1. Ria Says:

    Nice colors and setup :)

  2. moderationtheorderoftheday Says:

    If you must live in a white plaster box, this is the one to live in. The proportions are harmonious, the shape spiritually elevating, the appointments mostly practical, useful and attractive. I hope and trust the occupants will spend a very happy time here. The whole will be conducive to emotional equilibrium, and as it is this of which it speaks; a balance of perspectives and moods. Exactly what the world needs; sanity.

  3. Cim Says:

    White walls are ubiquitous in the Nordic countries, yes, as is Indian decor, but as for “traditional” Scandinavian colors, I don’t think greys and muted purples really qualify.

  4. Anna F Says:

    Do you have the source for the map mural? I am looking for one just like that.

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