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Artistic Kitchen Island With Matching Range Hood – ISOLA Linear by TOYO

Mon, May 17, 2010 | Kitchen designs | By Mike

ISOLA Linear is an another beautiful and stylish kitchen solution by TOYO. The kitchen island is decorated with Venetian glass mosaics from Italy or with etching and looks like a work of art. There are 4 types of the mosaic and 5 types of etchings are available. In order to emphasize the beautiful configuration of the island a cantilever shape was chosen. The structure comprising a beam fixed at one end and free at the other. Besides being artistic the kitchen island is also functional. It’s finished with stainless steel and features a cabinet to store kitchen tools. There is also a matching range hood available. It shares the same design with the base of the island with similar decorations. { TOYO }

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Old Comments

  1. Paul Says:

    Very cool masculine designs! Perfect for a bachelor pad methinks.

  2. keyn Says:

    Its TOYO.
    TOYO Kitchen isnt TOTO.


  3. dnkoch Says:

    A piece of art.
    You must have a HOUSE to put it in.

  4. katak Says:

    Its good kitchen design ideas .. god job

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