Asian Style Apartment With Perfect Harmony And Cozy Atmosphere

Asia associates with philosophy, calmness and harmony. This apartment by designer Wu Chengxian is minimalist but with Asian influence. The color palette is very delicate, natural and calm: beige, grey and green for accents. The interior is very philosophic – there’s nothing unnecessary but at the same time there are several details and accessories that delight the eye. The usual minimalist living room has many geometric lines and shapes and orchids make it eastern. In the next room you’ll see everything necessary for a tea ceremony. Floral prints, special plants and flowers everywhere highlight the atmosphere. The light wood tones and the grey tiles are the perfect shades to complement all the other elements. The light as an important factor for creating an atmosphere is very gentle and soft and gives a warm glow to the space that complements nicely the wood features.

Source: homedit

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