Bold Sweden House Design for a Family of Design and Art Lovers

This house is designed by Johnny Andersson while its interior by Jacob Walles of Jordens Arkitekter. It’s located in a newly built residential area in Täby, Sweden. The exterior of the house is designed in the way to make the interior looks exciting. The ceiling height various but is 250cm in average. Almost all ceilings are painted in bright colors – green on the ground floor to symbolize that is closer to the ground and blue on the top floor as it’s closer to the sky. There are five different types of flooring in the house, which in most cases would be likely to mess the impression. Although the materials blend with each other very well, so that even looks cool. There are also large glazings in the house with white drapes to protect the owner’s privacy. The house belongs to design and art lovers and their two children so there are a lot of nice decoration objects in there. { Via: Sköna hem | Photos by Karl Anderson }

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