Brazilian House In A Mix Of Colors And Styles

Living in this house would always make you think positive. The space is located in Brazil and belongs to a young couple. The interior is awesome! Here you’ll see neutral furniture and even antique pieces combined with neon accessories. All this together creates almost a surrealistic space. There’s lots of color but your eyes don’t get tired. Rough brick wall in the living room neighbors with a minimalist mirror coffee table, a mid-century TV stand and a pop art painting on the wall. In the kitchen you’ll be pleased to see a turquoise wall and every chair is different. I love the colorful tiles in the kitchen! In the combination with white table and neutral wooden kitchen furniture it makes the mood! The bedroom is calmer – here the contrasting colors are given only by the curtains and bedding, so the owners may choose the colors themselves or just leave it neutral.

Source: prohandmade

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