Chilean Box of Glass and Steel to Admire The Nature Around – Lakeside House

This house is located at Colico Lake, at the South of Chile. It’s surrounded by fantastic nature which can be viewed right from the inside of the house thanks to glass walls. This glass walls are supported by steel so they are light, transparent and durable. Three glass-encased green patios have been carefully laid out in the open plant, dividing it into different living areas. Vegetation in the patios has been intended as a means to articulate inner space with nature. Additionally, a stone ‘service wall’ was built to provide support to the ‘crystal box’. This wall connects us to the earth and to remote history, in opposition to the steel and glass, which connect us to modernity. Although some bedrooms can be seen from the living areas, you still have to pass through the security of the back area to get to the other rooms, so family members can head off upstairs to sleep, whilst others entertain or just admire the views. { Undurraga Deves }

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