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Clean White Small Apartment Interior Design with Minimalism in Mind

Sat, Jan 9, 2010 | Minimalist home designs | By Mike

This apartment is located in 1905 building with high ceilings, large windows and wood floors. All floors and walls are painted in pure white color so white is the main color of the interior design. The total area of the apartment is 39 square meters although it has everything owners will need. There is even enough storage to store all their belongings. Rooms are quite airy and spacious thanks to the color theme and the careful furniture placing. The main room is open to the kitchen and hallway. The kitchen feature original white cabinets while the bathroom has beautiful old deep bathtub. [Photos by Innerspec]

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  1. kaganzi ismael Says:

    the designs are beyond words,
    keep it up

  2. Jonas Says:

    It looks like it’s in Vasastan in Stockholm…. could it even be the street Sankt Eriksgatan?

  3. ReallySmallLikeSmall Says:

    This small apartment is palatial compared to my one-bedroom.

  4. Christine Says:

    So visually compelling. If I had my own space I’ll definitely incorporate something like this into the design.

  5. JHG Says:

    I guess building around the white colour is the main objective of the concept, right? It definitely add wider space to the overall flat, however probably a bit overdone, it misses some touch of colours to break the exclusive dominance of white.

  6. Samantha Says:

    I too have a very tiny unit – only 42 sq metres including the balcony which is probably 3 sq metres. I love the “all white” look, its fantastic and its great to see pictures of what I could try and achieve with my place. Please keep the lovely pictures coming!!! Great site…..

  7. Ryan Says:

    While I am not the biggest fan of the way-white look, I can appreciate its use in small spaces such as this. I find that the home is devoid of texture however, only the kitchen (which I love by the way) and bathroom have enough to break up the monotony. I would throw a big white shag rug in the living room and/or bedroom.

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