Colorful Fairy Tale House With Vintage Furniture

This house is one of those where you dream to spend some years, where you would like to invite your grandchildren. This house is right one of that kind: it’s light and airy, sort of a fairy-tale. Rustic coziness is felt everywhere – in the paintings, chairs, carpets and blue walls of kitchen in combination with wooden shelves. The biggest room in the house is living room combined with a study, a dining room. Vintage furniture, a table with a lace tablecloth, figures of angels and an amazing fireplace – that’s the recipe of a great place for rest. The second living room is more official: exquisite chairs, a sofa and a vintage wooden table. The curtains defend the room from the abundant sun and create the right atmosphere for a refined party. Pink wall and paintings for Bible topics help to get the balance. It’s one more gingerbread house from some beautiful fairy tale!

Source: design-remont

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