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Contemporary 160 Square Meter Apartment With Retro Touches

Wed, Nov 17, 2010 | Contemporary home designs | By Mike

Design of this apartment is done by Architecture G. The apartment of 160 square meter is located in Barcelona, Spain. The main color theme was chosen white to make the apartment’s interior look contemporary. Although a little touches of retro were added. Things like the Eames lounge chair and a stainless steel kitchen make an interesting contrast with these touches. Even though contemporary interiors aren’t usually close enough to nature, several home plants could change that like they did at this apartment.

Source: arquitecturag

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  1. arquitectura-g Says:

    Thanks for the post, but the “amazing house with a swimming pool on the roof” was built by the young architecture studio of Tatiana Bilbao (Mexico) in collaboration with Gabriel Orozco! The residence is an exact reproduction of one of the architectural pieces from the Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory in Delhi, India, built by Maharaja Jai Singh II in 1724. Please read this: http://escritos-g.com/2010/09/30/%e2%80%9cunder-the-sky%e2%80%9d-by-arquitectura-g/ and correct the mistakes. Thanks

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