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Contemporary Dark Glass House with City Skyline Views

Sun, Jan 17, 2010 | Modern home designs | By Mike

Designed by Brian Bell and David Yocum the Ansley Glass House is located in an historic downtown neighborhood, with a mature tree canopy and direct views to the immediate city skyline. The project replaces a series of additions to a 1910-era house with a new glass-lined living space including a garage, kitchen, family room, library, and a new stair linking three levels. The main color theme is very dark and moody but a lot of glass walls give enough of natural light to the interior. They also helps to capture cityline views almost from every place in the entire house. The interesting part of the intrior is a central stair. The stair, with no visible stringers, is suspended from adjacent and overhead structure, and uppermost rooms are cantilevered and suspended over lower ones. The spatial arrangement of the house additions is in a stark contrast to the historic part of the house and the neighbor and only glass separates them from each other. [BLDGS]

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