Contemporary Mountain Refuge with Smart Use of Space in Extreme Weather Conditions

This house is designed by dRN Architects (Nicolás del Río and Max Núñez) and located in Farellones, Las Condes, Chile. It’s built on 140 square meters site in the middle of a slope, 7.5 meters below the level of the road. There isn’t a lot of vegetation at 2000 meters high but there are few trees around the house. The refuge is a monolithic volume of stone that hasn’t much window openings on the first level. Although the windows that are there frame beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The upper volume is almost transparent and serves as an access area that acts as a lamp during the night.

The interior is done in plywood cladding for a warmer atmosphere in the inside. The first floor has 4 small bedrooms, the second floor with consists of common space with four areas for eating, playing, sitting and cooking, and the third floor is for access and has enough space to store all that mountain equipment. The house is great example of maximum use of space in extreme weather conditions.

{ dRN Architects | Photography by Felipe Camus }

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