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Contemporary Round Black & White TV Stands from Pacini & Cappellini

Thu, Apr 2, 2009 | Living Room Appliances, TV stands | By Mike

Usually contemporary black & white furniture has linear shapes. Although Pacini & Cappellini TV stands collection which could show other way of design such furniture. TV stands from this collection are made of MDF lacquered sleek panel equipped with shelf from glass. The main difference between these stands and other contemporary tv stands on the market that Pacini & Cappellini made them in round shape. Some models even have additional round shelves which perfectly join the main frame and make stands look even funny. There are more interesting and unusual contemporary furniture pieces from Pacini & Cappellini which you can find on their site.

Contemporary Black Tv Stand

Contemporary White Tv Stand

Contemporary Round Tv Stand

Contemporary Black Round Tv Stand

Contemporary Round White Tv Stand

Contemporary Tv Stand

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