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Cool Retro Airstream Remodeled In Moroccan Style

Tue, May 15, 2012 | Prefab home designs | By Kate

Los-Angeles designer Rachel Horn and her husband bought and remodeled an 1800-foot express Airstream of 1969. Two years ago they bought it for $ 5 thousand and decided to create an interior in Moroccan style.  The trailer isn’t big, just 55 square meters but there’s everything needed. Both inside and outside it looks awesome. Amazing sleeping zone that reminds of Eastern tales, a vintage kitchen and living room. Every detail is in Moroccan style but there are not too many colors, the color palette looks modest. Cool cushions, bed spreads, lamps, tassels and candle holders – every accessory takes you to the tales of 1001 nights.

Source: interiors-ru

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  1. iFreek Says:

    I know Morocco very well and I must say this interior is “Moroccan inspired” at most. I wonder if anything is from Morocco at all. The limited color spectrum is very un-Moroccan.

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