Cool Wooden Bird House for Apartment Inhabitants – Brirdhouse by Vlaemsch

If you live in an apartment but yet dream to be close to the nature then a creative Brirdhouse by Vlaemsch could become a great find for you. It allows to admire and care about wild birds even living in the apartment. This item designed by young French designer Emilie Cazin links the balcony to its green environment. It could attract birds and at the same time could help you to personalize you balcony look. This bird house looks like an usual wooden one but it has a useful base resembling a tree branch. This branch should be fixed on a window and to organize a comfortable place for nice birds. They could walk along it and live in the cool wooden small house. If you like this idea and want to have a pretty bird’s family under your window then you could find more information on Vlaemsch or Emilie Cazin sites.

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