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Crazy Colorful Interiors Of An Artist’s House

Thu, Jun 28, 2012 | Modern home designs | By Kate

This crazy house is located in Russia, its owner is an artist. Why crazy? Have a look at these interiors! In one of the rooms you’ll see a pink fluffy swing that hangs from a giant bird on the ceiling. The living room upstairs has a big floor sofa and dark metal and wooden furniture, also a fire place reminding of steampunk style. The first floor of the kid’s room is very impressive: turquoise stairs with a zebra bed. Kid’s bathroom is more traditional with colorful accents and toys. The next room makes you think of Elvis Presley and vintage style. The owners’ bedroom is cool – a giant white bed with a tiny TV that shows that a bedroom is not for TV watching. Cool, impressive house with a sense of humor!

Source: skorpioniz

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