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Creative Sfera Alarm Clock

Mon, Jan 12, 2009 | Bedroom Appliances | By Mike

Morning is a so hard time for many of us. Waking up with the alarm sound, what could be worse? Of course you could revenge it and smash the alarm, although usually it isn’t the good choice. Although releasing some anger on the alarm would definitely make you feel better.

Sfera is a radio alarm clock which hangs above your bed and wakes you in the morning by forcing you physically to get out of bed. When you set the alarm, the glowing Sfera gradually dims and the music gently fades out as you drift off to sleep. When the alarm chimes in the morning, the only way to silence it is to reach up and gently tap the Sfera. This action initiates the snooze function, but it also makes the Sfera rise above your head towards the ceiling. As it slowly rises away from your reach, you must stretch higher each time to gain another ten minutes of snooze. When it reaches the ceiling, you have no option but to reach for it and drag it back down to your bed – an action which switches off the alarm and forces you finally to get up.

sfera alarm

alarm clock

sfera alarm clock

sfera alarm prototype

sfera alarm clock prototype

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    1. Sfera: te levanta sí o sí - Hogar Total Says:

      [...] Sfera es un radio-despertador que podrás colgar encima de tu cama y te despierta haciendo que te levantes físicamente de tu cama. Cuando lo programas el artefacto hará posible que escuches música que lentamente irá disminuyendo su volumen hasta que ya no la escuches y por fin caigas dormido. Pero, cuando la alarma suena a la mañana el único modo que tienes de apagarla será levantándote y tocándola. [...]

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