Dream House with Breathtaking Panorama and Green Features – Villa A by Najjar & Najjar

Villa A designed by Najjar & Najjar is one of those houses that could blew your mind. It’s located on the slope of the Poestling Berg, a mountain overlooking Linz the capital of Upper Austria. The city’s panorama that it features is truly breathtaking. It can be seen from almost all rooms and from the swimming pool on a terrace. The large scale glazing and the sliding elements blurs the indoor area and outdoor space. The house is partly caved in the ground. It features one open living area so all functional zones are in just few steps from each other. The bedrooms are located on the upper levels that are accessed by stairs which lead to an open gallery. The basement floor is partly carved in the ground allocates fitness and wellness facilities, office and a playroom for children. The parking garage and the machine room are dug in under the access road on the north side of the building.

Source: Najjar & Najjar, DailyTonic
Photos: Manfred Seidl

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