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Duplex Apartment with Creative Interior Decor in Tel Aviv

Fri, Mar 6, 2009 | Home design | By Mike

This duplex apartment has total area of 160 sq.m. and designed in very creative and personal way. The first floor feautres the entrance, bar, living room and bedroom. The bedroom and the living room both facing the large windows to the urban landscape of Tel Aviv. The interior designed to express the nature of the owner of the apartment. Colorful paving consist of random tiles provides a significant contribution to the design. A lot of retro furniture and accessories are used all around the duplex.

The work room is situated at the second floor where the owner could get by custom made wooden staircase. Come to the work room is like a ceremony because there is a long corridor before it. The room made with the spirit of Irish pub and colored in a deep murky green. Entire apartment shows that its designer is new to that. There aren’t any well known furniture brands used anywhere. Using of recycled materials just a bit of originality to the overall impression from the interior.

Big Aparment With Creative Interior

Big Aparment With Creative Interior

Big Aparment With Creative Interior

Big Aparment With Creative Interior

Big Aparment With Creative Interior

Big Aparment With Creative Interior

Big Aparment With Creative Interior

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Old Comments

  1. Mishele Says:

    Totally cool! I love the desk/stairs, the curves, the colors, the big bookcase, the pale blue
    kitchen, and all the little personal touches that make it interesting. Best I’ve seen so far!

  2. zoe Says:

    ya , I think it’s so creative and this colorful displaying attract me so much ,
    thanks .

  3. sunthy Says:

    hi, my name is sunthy, i think this interior is awesome, the composition of pattern, color was nicely placed. i wonder if i can get in touch with the owner or the designer?
    i work for an interior-architecture-design magazine in Indonesia i wonder if i can get a permission to do an article on the design and get the high resolution images.

    please feel free to contact me. i look forward to any feedback.


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