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Eco-Friendly Bathroom Design Of Endless Concrete

Fri, Oct 28, 2011 | Bathroom designs | By Kate

Have a look at this Flow bathroom concept by Art-Tic Design Studio. It is based on the point that all the elements like a sink or a bathtub are fused with the surrounding floor and walls. The concept is so calming and relaxing! The floor and the walls are done in concrete and so are the elements. The concrete seems not to end at all. The bathroom looks so fen shui and stylish and eco-friendly, of course, as here some green plants grow. Calm green and grey colors add relaxation and the tub with a bookshelf of concrete calls to spend some time lying in the foam.

Source: mocoloco, art-tic

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  1. Joseph Says:

    I don’t know about these bathrooms. Too much green stuff! On the other hand, it would give my dust bunnies something to eat!

  2. johnny Says:

    this seems to match my taste, a bidet, …
    i just need a little help concerning the “eco-friendly. it would be nice to create more “eco-friendly” bathrooms as they consume lots of water, energy, …
    a deeper explanation on how this one is more “eco-friendly” than usual bathrooms would be of great help.
    best regards,

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