Environmentally Friendly Modular Built Home – The EcoFabulous Home

This award-winning environmentally friendly modular built home is a project by Architecton and Shelter Industries. The 1,400 square feet v-shaped vacation home is the result of the growing interest in preserving environmental resources by using reclaimed, recycled and sustainable materials and products. The house’s exterior is made of cedar and steel cladding with custom-fabricated metal roof. Windows are designed to save energy like other energy-efficient appliances in the house. The roof is designed to collect rain water. Modular construction helps to cut construction budget.

The kitchen/great room wing and bedroom wing, linked at the main entry and by the courtyard deck, provide multiple accesses to the deck. The surrounding landscape features drought-resistant grasses and plants, thus conserving water. The house is designed to make the border between indoor and outdoor transparent. [EcoFabulous Home]

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