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Functional And Flexible Imboh Armchair For Readers And Not Only

Mon, Apr 29, 2013 | Other | By Kate

Flexible and functional furniture becomes more and more popular, the furniture that can easily check in your interior, that won’t be bulky and would have many functions. Joe Velluto’s Imboh is a modular upholstered chair that can be configured length- or width-wise. An upholstered base is equippable with a table, arm, and back and is built with sustainable materials that are easily disposable. The padding consists of jute, flax, cotton and coconut fibers. It’s a cool piece for a modern space – it’s versatile and changeable, if you like to wash anything or change the configuration, it would be easy to do. I think, it’s real reader’s piece because it’s comfortable and has tops for putting a book or a cup.

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