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Futuristic Penthouse With Mirror Walls

Fri, Sep 23, 2011 | Unusual house designs | By Kate

The designers’ ideas become more and more creative and now Lecarolimited from Berlin present a mirror penthouse. Why mirrors? Because they widen the space. The mirrors of different shapes and sizes create geometric patterns across the partitioning walls of the penthouse apartment, surrounding the kitchen, fireplace and seating areas. Each room is purposed for a different thing; all the mirrors are taken in pieces to create a fantastic futuristic effect; the carpenter worked for many hours to carve the mirrors. The colors used are grey, black and orange. Without orange the space would be too cold. The orange couches are placed along the windows. The furniture in the living room looks like made of stone and the texture is chosen to highlight the stone fireplace. Mirrors create an amazing futuristic effect and some installations and sculptures continue the style line.

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