Green Renovation of 1920s Ranch Home – Stump House

This green renovation of 1920s ranch home was done by local architecture company Architecture W. A lot of original materials was used in the reconstruction but the second story was add and numerous interior walls removed to create an open floor plan that draws natural light deeper into the house and maximizes cross-ventilation. The renovated house utilizes a thermal solar heating system that provides hot water and warms the radiant floor, using a set of roof-mounted tubes rather than the more common flat panels. Besides solar system the roof is partly covered with plants and, on the lower portion of the roof, a vegetable garden and small seating area are located. The house is insulated with recycled denim jeans and equipped with heat extractors that capture energy from the showers and faucets. The basement became a 700-square-foot space perfect for a work studio. [Architecture W]

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