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House that Consist of the Collection of Simple Geometric Boxes

Thu, Dec 3, 2009 | Home design | By Mike

Fairhaven Residence is a 3800 square feet home that consist of the collection of simple geometric boxes. The boxes are oriented and open to hills and views that surround the house. The rooms and views in it reveal themselves in a alternating fashion, like sheltered groves and open vistas during the walk in the woods. The entry, living and dining areas feature exposed steel and wood structure and polished concrete floors that flow out to the landscape. A “shadow” garden at the heart of the house affords glimpses of bamboo, water and light from nearly every room, while the upper floor is turned slightly to capture even more light and views. [DeForest Architects]

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  1. pierre batbatian Says:

    there is not a single thing i would change …. nicely done !

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  1. Can You Build A Residence from Geometric Boxes? | Interior Design, Decorating, Furniture, Architecture, Home & House Design Magazine Says:

    [...] Can You Build A Residence from Geometric Boxes? Share | Apparently the answer to the question in the title is “yes”.  The name of the project below is “Fairhaven Residence” and belongs to DeForest Architects. The house has no less than 3800 square feet and is made out of geometrical boxes. The interior looks as if somehow unfinished, with hanging wooden structures on the ceiling and concrete floors, but this is exactly where the house gets some of its uniqueness. We particularly liked a few ideas, such as the rocks embedded in the pathway that leads to the main entrance or the bathroom with the unusual decorating items on the walls. The fireplace is also impressive and so is the wooden structure around it.  Feel free to comment and tell us what you think about this place. – via [...]

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