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House with Ceramic Facade Elements in Russia

Sun, Feb 14, 2010 | Home design | By Mike

This house located in Russia. It’s a combined work of the architecture Anatoly Kuzmin and art-studio Kupryanovih. The studio has done an awesome work in order to make the house looks like a piece of art. It features a lot of hand made ceramic elements on its facade. All these ceramic decor elements looks amazing as from close distance as from far away. Such effect is obtained by very complex painting and using of crackle and crimp techniques. These techniques makes ornaments looks more dynamic and make the whole work more interesting. [Art-studio Kupryanovih]

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Old Comments

  1. the zhush Says:

    gorgeous facade! love the details.

  2. Aesshen Says:

    That is one of the ugliest houses I have ever seen in my life. I feel sick just looking at it.

  3. teri Says:

    I dont agree with what Aesshen has said about this house, I believe this house is really beautiful and unique in design. If you dont have something positive to say about it you should just say that you dont care for the design and leave it at that.

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