How To Use Chalkboard Pieces For Home Décor: 35 Cool Ideas

Chalkboard pieces are extremely popular in home décor today, you can buy them or easily make at home as there’s chalkboard paint on sale with which you can turn any piece into a chalkboard one. Here are the ideas to use them in home décor.

  1. Chalkboard walls. Ideal for every room, they inspire you leave messages to each other, write something not to forget. Kids also love to draw on walls and such an idea will save your wallpapers!
  2. Chalkboard furniture. Chairs, stools, tables and coffee tables, dressers and organizers – this is only a short list of chalkboard furniture you can use and enjoy chalking on it. Just imagine – playing chess on the coffee table chalking the chess desk on it!
  3. Chalkboard kitchen accessories. Coasters, table runners, placemats, spice containers and organizers and tableware will make meal fun and help you find out where which spice is.
  4. Planters. Planters for herbs and not only are very useful both indoors and outdoors – they will let you know where you planted parsley and where oregano.
  5. Calendars and home office memory boards are very useful not to forget your schedule.
  6. Décor pieces – chalkboard frames, candleholders and wall art pieces give an opportunity to show your creativity as you can change the drawings very often.

Look at the ideas below and get inspired to use chalkboard piece in your home!

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