James Bond Inspired Boathouse Built Over a Cave

Balnearn Boathouse by McKenzie Strickland Associates is located on the shore of Loch Tay as the result of watching James Bond movies. An unique living space is constructed over an artificial cave so it’s fun and perfect for spending time with friends or family. A cave created beneath the Boathouse allows a speedboat to be driven in and tethered to the ceiling before an electric winch hoists it into mooring position. The living space above includes a kitchenette, shower room and a fold-away bed. The roof of the boathouse is designed to look like extension of the loch itself. The two angled columns visible externally are created from exceptionally lightweight steel and create a “free floating” effect giving the impression they are not so much holding the roof up as holding it down. Even though the design team had struggled with a lot of technical problems like building on the water, it managed to create the truly amazing boathouse.

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