Lounge Sofa “Vesna” From Turkish Studio: Comfortable and Unusual

How do you imagine a sofa? I bet, in your opinion it does not look like the creation of the Turkish studio Nüvist. Their lounge sofa is sculptural and minimalistic. It hasn`t legs and armrests, but it follows the shape of a laying man`s body. The materials which the lounge sofa Vesna is made of include both new-fashioned and classical ones like leather, velvet and others. This sofa can decorate your interior everywhere: in the living room, on the terrace, or in the garden. But according to the name of the sofa, it is better to use in the surrounding of nature: ‘Vesna’ means ‘spring’ in Russian. Let this nice and unusual sofa bring fresh spring stream in your interior style!

Source: Nüvist

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