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Luxury House Estate In Beverly Hills

Wed, Dec 3, 2008 | Luxury home designs | By Mike

If you are one of Fortune 500 company’s owner and don’t think that economic situation is bad to buy luxury house than you definitely should check out this listing in Beverly Park. Although even you should be ready to spent 30M$ to buy it and pay a price of new Mercedes every year to maintain it.

Luxury House Estate Beverly Hills

Luxury House Estate Beverly Hills

The estate is fabulous. It is 16,800 square feet and have 5 bedrooms with 9 bathrooms. Luxurious master suite, adjoining gym & spa. Features a media room, piano room & wood paneled, two-story office, elevator. Brand new, brick-lined wine cellar with its own dining and living areas. Glorious kitchen that leads out to a meticulously manicured rose garden, a gorgeous pool & step-down tennis court. Outdoor cabana with expansive living area, bar & bath. Private walking paths throughout the property.

Luxury House Estate Interior

Luxury House Estate Interior

Luxury House Estate Exterior

Luxury House Estate Exterior


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Old Comments

  1. katy Says:

    wow that house is so nice i wish i could have one if i would have 30 M$ i would spend it on that house but we dont we probly look filthy to them but i want that house it is HUGE!!!!i never saw a house this big my friend has a 2 million doller home but comparing to this it’s nothing!!!!!

  2. fatima Says:


  3. Debbie-anne Says:

    we love this house im gonna buy it ive got the 30 million in my hand now yeahhhh boii!!!!! coooool!!!

  4. Thomas Says:

    This house is so not nice, it wouldn’t even be nice if it was located in the french countryside. I think it is ridiculous for Beverly Hills. From my pov someone really had zero taste building, decorating and owning this. Thank God people are different and others do like this… :-)

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