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Luxury Minimalist House with Spectacular Swimming Pool – 19 Housing by A-Cero

Mon, May 3, 2010 | Other | By Mike

19 Housing (Vivienda 19) is one of the latest works by A-Cero, an architecture studio that designs truly amazing contemporary houses, located near Madrid, Spain. The house’s front is made of marble travertino and there are many windows in it. In addition to simple shapes and straight lines that make the 1,600 square meter (17,000 sq ft) structure looks light and simple. There are three floors in the house: the basement, the ground floor and the second floor. The garage and service spaces are in the basement, while the most public spaces (lounge, dining room, living room …) are in the first floor. Bedrooms and more private rooms are in the high floor. Besides truly amazing landcape there are a 80 square meter spectacular swimming pool near the house. The finished project is a great example of luxury that comes hand by hand with minimalism. { A-Cero }

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Old Comments

  1. michael Says:

    “…located near Madrid, Italy…”
    Italy??? Madrid is in Spain!

  2. PRT Says:

    If it’s near Madrid, it’s in Spain, not Italy.

    Beautiful house anyway.

  3. john_andy Says:

    I think I have just fallen in love! This is the most amazing house I have come across in such a while. The concept is brilliant, the use of light simply extraordinary. This is a great example of how minimalism can be charming and warm in an inspiring way. I want this house!!!

  4. Vyt Says:

    This building is gorgeous. Congratulations! And its interior is just great! Could I possibly see some pics from the kitchen of the house?would you be so kind to send photos or links by e-mail, if possible? Thank You!

  5. Jessie Says:

    Fabulous! How many water features ARE there?! Love everything about the house – including the massive closet!

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