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Minimalist and Modern Loft Interior Design in White Color Theme


This 120 square meter loft is located on the top floor of the house in Piacenza, Italy and belongs to Romolo Stanco. The ground floor is 81 square meter while a first floor is 42 square meter. The white color is dominating around the floors and hightlights the shadows, the distances and the independent elements like chairs, a sofa, a table and other furniture. When you enter the home you see an open space that seeks a balance between the linearity imposed by the long, parallel main walls. The central table in structural glass (design Romolo Stanco for NIccolai), surrounded by Panton chairs (Verner Panton for Vitra) filters the living room open space in a quiet, understated way, also providing a counterpoint to the sofa. The loft area, which can only be reached by climbing the suspended dinosaur-back like stairs, is the relax-night zone. It is only separated from the living room by a glass that has the same function of theatrical wings. The essential, low bed is opposed to the expressive bathtub (“La vasca” by Matteo Thun). [Romolo Stanco]

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  1. Richard Says:

    I have been looking through all this minimalist designs on digsdigs. Each a very fine composition, simplicity, luxury, style.

    What I wonder is: How can someone really live in such a house without destroying the wonderful line of minimalistic design?

    If you leave the newspaper on the table, dishes in kitchen, even a simple dvd on the shelf would ruin everything. Where do you put the shower gel, shampoo and towels in the bathroom? Do you shower? Sounds sarcastic, but a shower that looks great, but is not designed to shower, is worthless.

    The pics look great, but when I would get the opportunity to “live” in such an environment, it would be destroyed by the time I move in. Simple because I live.

    This “simple” design is not so simple if you live in. A glass table? Clean every fingerprint, instantly. An open shower? Clean the whole room from waterdrops or get used to that dirty look.

    A lot of work to keep it simple.

    Eventually I am still impressed by the designer´s work, their imagination during the build and the fantastic details.


  2. steven Says:

    man i would hate to be the guest with dirty hands. probably the best thing to do is strategically place a sink at the entrance.

  3. Bill Trimble Says:

    Richard’s point has merit. Just the clutter of everyday living would tend to mar the beauty of the simplistic statement. However, the basic environment of allowing the mass and structure to make a design statement has to make the daily living experience extraordinary. Enough already with Victorian ginger bread!

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