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Minimalist Table And Shelves To Organize A Perfect Work Space – Strata by Mathieu Lehanneur

Thu, Jan 26, 2012 | Tables | By Kate

Strates by Mathieu Lehanneur is an absolutely new look on shelves and how they should look. It’s a n office desk with shelves that can be configured in various combinations to “structure space with its simple but unique graphic presence.” It’s an ideal minimalist concept: simple material, no details, stylish look. “Deeply intuitive and ergonomic, affordable and scalable”, the Strata is easily and quickly assembled by simply nesting the elements. You can buy it for your home office or for a usual office and using several pieces create the work zone in your office. The complex is available in natural wood color, white and black.

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  1. Brenda Bertts Says:

    Where can I buy a Strates desk??

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