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Modern Apartment Design In Beige With Lots Of Art

Tue, Dec 20, 2011 | Contemporary home designs | By Kate

This cool apartment is located in Moscow, Russia, and the interior is done by a young designer. The interior is neo classics with lots of art. Light floor and ceiling in the living room and hall look fantastic with the violet color and make a great frame for some canvases. Classical furniture with modern touches, bright touches and warm shades make the interior full of joy and coziness and not too usual. The living room and dining room in one looks wider, and a bar in the corner is a good addition that would be appreciated by any guest. There are lots of pictures everywhere, and they make the apartment very exquisite. The main color of the space is beige with additional ones, it signifies warmness and coziness.

Source: interiors-ru

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  1. john banks Says:

    wht kind of wood is this. I work in a hardware store and I have seen anything even close. Well maybe a better question would be how did they get the wood to look slanted did it come like that or is that how they put it down. Thanx in advance

  2. Nadina Kapper Says:

    Hello, I’m Nadina Kapper, the person You called “Young Designer”. Thank You for Your approval of my project.
    As for Mr. Banks’s question, the wood is whitened oak with oil treatment (i’m not sure it’s called so in English).

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