Modern Bed With Curved Base – Invitation’s Bed by Thomas De Lussac Sarl

Thomas de Lussac sarl is a company which always surprises by its creative designs. It creates modern furniture with non-standard look but at the same time this furniture is comfortable and adaptable to all interiors. Its products could help your to personalize your space and decorate it by original and beautiful furniture. Its Invitation’s bed is a perfect solution to change you bedroom into a modern and unique room. This bed is made of veneered or lacquered wood and available in different colors and finishes. It has integrated bed side which could be very useful to storage any stuff. The main feature, which stands out this bed from other modern beds, is unusual curved base in wave shape. It is necessary to note that such bed shape doesn’t prevent to comfortable relaxing and sleeping. If you are also think that this modern bed is cool and want more detailed information then you could find it on Thomas de Lussac sarl site.

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