Modern Cottage Design with Open Plan and Dark Wooden Exterior

This cottage was designed by Henning Larsen Architects for a family who wanted a modern house with open plans. Its exterior’s architecture and materials are adapted to the nature and the history while the interior offers a modern comfort and openness. Sea waves and views can be enjoyed as from the terrace as from the inside of the cottage so boundaries between inside and outside are quite blurred. Openness is the most noticeable at the middle level where the interior is flowing into the terrace and make a one large open area for hot days. The upper level is more private but it also features awesome views and get a lot of natural light through large sliding doors made of glass. In contrast to this openness, the entire south side of the house is closed from neighbors.

Source: BoBedre
Photos: Louise Kamman Riising & Pernille Kaalund

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