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Modern House Designed to Catch All Views Around It

Sun, Mar 14, 2010 | Country home designs, Modern home designs | By Mike

This beautiful house is designed by Gudmundur Jonsson in the countryside of Iceland. The design’s main purpose is to catch all beautiful views around it in all directions: towards south the view to the sea and islands, towards north the characteristic triangular mountain, towards east the glacier and towards west the river and canyon. The exterior is consist of large glazings, natural wood and stone bricks. That makes the house blends better with the site. The interior is done in modern minimalist style. Simple shapes, right angles, built-in lighting and natural materials are things that makes that house a great place to live or to take a vacation in. { Gudmundur Jonsson | Photos by Bragi Thor Josefsson | Via Archtracker }

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Old Comments

  1. montreal realtor Says:

    That is GORGEOUS………….. cannot get over it….

  2. david Says:


  3. Bryan Says:

    Now this house truly does justice the starkness of the Icelandic landscape. That tilting, helical outer wall with the carnival mirrors effect in the living room, the juxtaposition of the stone bricks with the wood, the horizontal and the vertical play in the corridor bathroom space. The only uncomfortable item for me is the glass staircase and landing balustrade/divider: I understand its continuity for the space, but I still have an irrational fear of slipping and guillotining myself in two.

  4. katey Says:

    i love this house too pieces but it seems like its in the middle off nowhere witch would draw me away from buying this.

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