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Modern House In Warm Shades

Wed, Jul 6, 2011 | Contemporary home designs | By Kate

This house is located in Los Angeles, CA. The project was created by architect Edward H. Fickett and realized by Hildebrandt Studio. The interior is open with a glass atrium and a pond. The interior is modern with a big fireplace wall made of rough stone. White limestone walls make a contrast with warm colors of two-sided fireplace and furniture. The furniture is modern and functional, in warm shades – brown, chocolate brown, brick-red, orange and beige. The coffee table in the living room made of a rough piece of wood is fantastic! It looks harmonious and gives a fresh look to the space. Big rough stones in the center of the house add some unusual touches to the space that otherwise would be traditional.

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Old Comments

  1. mel Says:

    fucking ew. understand what they were going for, but they missed. terribly.

  2. loveit Says:

    Mel…..get a grip. You have’nt got a clue. This is classic mid century modern styling.They hit it right on.

  3. Ann Says:

    I think they hit it right on too – beautiful design and tasteful aesthetic.

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