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Modern House With A Vivacious Feel And Much Light

Fri, Jan 17, 2014 | Modern home designs | By Kate

If I was asked to show the house of my dream in modern style – it would be that house in Wollongong, Australia. First of all, it attracts by its original architecture – the first floor is covered with glass and opened to the surrounding nature, and the second floor is more intimate and looks like a platform on the steel legs. The interior is modern, cozy and vivacious: decorative brick walls, light natural wood and lots of light. What I like about this house most of all is simplicity and style – light furniture, neutral colors and patterns, it’s more about play of textures than colors. The spaces are open, it gives a feeling of freedom – the bathroom integrated into the bedroom and the kitchen and living room are merged. What a beautiful and vivacious house!

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