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Modern Wooden Beautifully Decorated Bathtub

Wed, Feb 29, 2012 | Bathtubs | By Kate

Wooden bathtubs are very popular today because they are eco-friendly and look cool. The Baignoire Stone Pixel tub by Bleu Nature is an artful combination of man meets nature. The tub is decorated in a very natural way, in an earthy motif to balance the ultra-contemporary lacquered metal, all set on a bold, it’s shaped to suit any space. The collection also includes a matching light fixture, featuring the same silhouette and natural facade wrapping a clean, white interior. A perfect interior for such a tub would be a white one but the piece is rather universal to fit almost any color. Such a tub would be a perfect accent in your bathroom.

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  1. phi Says:

    the bathtub is funny & unique …
    ornaments outside the tub made ​​of stone or wood? what type is it?

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