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Modo Desk Top Organizer To De-Clutter Your Workspace

Thu, Sep 5, 2013 | Appliances, Home office | By Kate

If you feel a twinge of embarrassment when you look at the clutter on your desk, then you are in serious need of help. All those pens, wires, gadgets, notebooks, pencils and other stuff that clutters most office desks around the world. There is a way to keep it in order! Modular Desktop Organizer by B&A Studio is a desk that can store items like the tablet, computers, notebooks / pads, phones, hard drives, letters, pens and pencils; it provides extra protection for your device screens, manages your cables on top or below Modo and allows to use 3 USB drives. Your desk would look Zen-like and balanced, and it’s a half way to success!

Source: yankodesign, ckie

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