Moscow Apartment Design With A White Oak Zone

This Moscow apartment is on the 5th floor of a tall multi-storey building with inner yard was renovated in an unusual way. Russian architect Peter Kostelov decided to make it maximum eco-friendly and created an oak capsule inside it. Oak planks cover the ceiling, floor and walls, and also extend to form shelves and a desk. Every space plays on contrast: white oak covering all the surfaces and dark leather furniture, and the external parts of the capsule are finished with composite stone. Smooth and rounded passages between walls, ceiling and floor visually join and expand the small space between the walls in the living room. The style of the rest of the apartment was dictated by this oak zone: the style is minimalist and eco-friendly, there are no distracting details and the eye enjoys the white oak surfaces which are ecologically clean.

Source: dezeen, kostelov

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