New Ceiling-Mounted Bathroom Faucet – Bilò by Singnorini

The innovative company Signorini offers a great selection of all kinds of contemporary bathroom faucets. Its collections are the result of a synthesis of design, luxury, elegance, tecnologie and excellent Italian quality. There are a lot of unusual and very beautiful models, which could help your to create your personal and distinct style in your bathroom. Its new bathroom mixer, which is a part of Bilò collection, presents itself as a very original and interesting solution for any bathroom design. Signorini’s designers have decided to change a habitual faucet’s location and have made ceiling mounted single lever mixer. This model looks very organic and modern. Of course, it won’t fit to any type of washbasins, but with various bathroom vessels or with some pedestal wash basins it could organize an awesome set. You could find more information about this ceiling mounting faucet on Signorini site.

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