Penthouse’s Interior That Breathes With Art

This stunning penthouse is located in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is a marvellous city where you can still see the architecture of the Middle Ages; it’s the home of Antonio Gaudi and many other architects, sculptors and artists. This city breathes with art and so does the penthouse. This apartment was decorated in white and elegant dark grey not to distract attention from the pictures, and colorful touches with huge pieces of art on the walls – it’s the owners’ collection of art. Contemporary design and classic antiques live together in this amazing apartment. The furniture also has an art touch: a white table called Tulip, a fantastic wooden sideboard and an armchair-throne in the living room, sculptural chairs and armchairs, an unusual chaise long in the masters’ bedroom. A place full of art wasn’t expected to be cozy but this one is cozy, warm and inviting.

Source: chic-deco, elledeco

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