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Practical Retractable Table Set For Small Spaces

Tue, Jul 19, 2011 | Tables | By Kate

Some more fresh space-saving solutions for you! If you have a lack of space, you may choose a compact kitchen. But what shall you do if have enough space for kitchen and no place for the dining area? Your choice is a very practical table set for small apartments. You can simply retract the table and benches and this way extra seating is ensured. When retracted, the portion that remains visible only has a thickness of four centimeters. According to the producers, the design is user-friendly, meaning that it is easy to use and also has a good degree of comfort. The set is available in a variety of colors so it can fit a wide range of interiors. It’s an amazingly simple and genius solution for a small space or an over-crowded one – smart, simple, elegant and functional.

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  1. raavi sharma Says:

    very nice retractable table set, we are also looking forward to such sets because of the limited space! you gave a nice idea :) kudos to the creation!

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