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Rehydr8 – Future of Water Filtering

Wed, Feb 11, 2009 | Kitchen Appliances | By Mike

Have you ever dreamed about water filter with a great design which could not only filter water but also refrigerate it? If so, Rehydr8 water filter concept is going to fulfill your dreams. What is interesting that It could do that in eco-friendly way. The filter would use thermoacoustic refrigeration process that relies on sound waves and an environmentally safe gas like helium to generate cooling. A pair of reusable bottles made from durable and translucent polycarbonate. Each bottle features a built-in and powerless thermometer, made from thermochromic plastic, to display the water’s temperature. If you also has Breville Icon espresso machine on your kitchen Rehydr8 would be great addition to it.




Via yankodesign

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  1. reverse osmosis Says:

    This is really nice , serve 2 purposes with one. Cool.

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  1. Rehydr8 – Modern and Futuristic of Water Filtering Design Concept by Breville Icon - HomeinFurniture.Com Says:

    [...] Do you look for the Eco-friendly appliance that really suitable for you to choose to fulfill the space in your own home? Are you looking for something that brings you the futuristic feeling into your room of course? Maybe this is the right time for you to choose this newest design that already present by this company because this will gives you their best products for people to choose of course. as you can see on the following pictures below, you can see that this is a new concept of Eco-friendly design of modern water filtering that very practical for you to choose of course. This is the great design because at the same time this water filter machine also becomes a refrigerator of course. What a great one! I’m sure that these products will be very delighted for you to choose because by the minimalist shape itself that you can get by this designs because this design is quite different from the others. This is modern thermo acoustic refrigeration that really wonderful and brings you the one step to the future. Awesome![Via]  [...]

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