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Rustic Wood Stove To Warm A 120 Square Meter Room

Mon, May 2, 2011 | Other | By Mike

Brazil-born, Switzerland-based designer Yanes Wühl has took a traditional object and reinvent it for the contemporary world. He designed a wood stove that features a rustic look but made from contemporary materials with modern practicality. The stove can warm a 120 square meter room and create there a cosy environment. It has the concrete base where you can store wood and cast iron stove above that can be also used to warm dishes or boil a kettle. The stove features the sliding door made of Corten steel, which stays cooler than cast iron, so the door can be opened without gloves.


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  1. nicholas browne Says:

    I would be most grateful if you would please forward details of stove and availability of YANES WUHL stove, and any other interesting modern designs for w-burning stoves.

    Thank you

    Nicholas Browne

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