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6 Smart Tips To Visually Expand A Small Room

Wed, Nov 25, 2015 | Decorating

If you don’t have a big apartment or house, that’s not a problem. Even the smallest studio can be converted and visually expanded by using some simple tricks. Go for stripes. Vertical stripes on the walls will make the ceilings higher, and a striped rug will push the walls aside. Use your walls. Order a sliding door wardrobe up to the ceilings because...Continue Reading...


Small Wooden House With Smart Design And Mountain Views

Tue, Nov 24, 2015 | Small home designs

This small wooden house in Bavaria, Germany, was recently completed by Arnhard & Eck. The wooden house is only 13 feet wide; the kitchen, dining, living and sleeping areas are open plan and connected by stairs. The walls, ceiling and roof are solid wood. The décor is modern, in dark shades and with several bold touches. An area was created especially...Continue Reading...


Forest Cabin Combining Small Living With The Camping Experience

Wed, Nov 11, 2015 | Small home designs

Architect Bill Yudchitz asked his son, Daniel, to help him create a self-sustaining multi-level family cabin in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Floor-to-ceiling doors open the structure to the elements and provide a protective layer when not in use. The inner décor is simple and modern, with lots of natural wood incorporated. Aluminum pipes were repurposed as ladder...Continue Reading...


15 Mini Bathtub And Shower Combos For Small Bathrooms

Wed, Nov 11, 2015 | Bathtubs

Mini bathtubs and mini bathtub shower combos go a long way to mitigating the problem of a small bathrooms. If your bathroom fixtures are spectacular, who notices how much space there is? With more density in urban areas, and smaller condo sizes – it’s an important choice for a remodel or new build. And the smaller the space, the more it will be...Continue Reading...


Small Yet Fashionable Apartment Decor With Industrial Touches

Tue, Nov 3, 2015 | Modern home designs

When buro5 was to renovate this 527 sq ft in Moscow, Russia, the strategy included taking the existing defining elements and integrating them in the new design in a natural fashion. The apartment features exposed pipes and tubes, which the designers chose to highlight by adding even more such elements instead of trying to conceal them, and so they saved...Continue Reading...


8 Practical Tips To Visually Expand A Small Bedroom

Tue, Oct 27, 2015 | Bedroom designs

Enlarging the actual area of the room is often impossible but changing its visual volume is a real thing. If you want your small bedroom to look bigger, these tips are right what you need. The bed zone: an oversized headboard, a mirror wall, an accent wall or horizontal décor above the headboard. A oversized headboard or an accent wall will withdraw...Continue Reading...


Small And Bold Kids Playroom Design With A Bold Geo Wall

Tue, Oct 13, 2015 | Kid bedroom designs

If you have little ones and some spare space, why not create a playroom for them? Get inspiration from this cool playroom for little Margot. As it’s a kids’ space, it should be bold somehow, so the parents made an accent wall with a bold geometric pattern. The floor was covered with thick and fluffy carpet to keep the kid safe and comfy while playing on...Continue Reading...


9 Tips To Make Your Small Home More Spacious

Tue, Oct 13, 2015 | Decorating

A small apartment can be comfortable and visually more spacious, if the interior include the “right” elements. Here are some tips that will help you to enlarge your home. Choose sliding doors instead of usual ones. A sliding door can save up to 1 square meter, if you change all of them, you can get a lot of space. Use corners and small areas....Continue Reading...


Small And Stylish Scandinavian Apartment Kept Spacious

Wed, Oct 7, 2015 | Small home designs

This inviting one-room apartment is the perfect illustration of how the right design and inspiration can influence a space for the better. In this case, a few elements of Scandinavian design were enough to tip the balance and to allow the small space to appear larger and to offer plenty of freedom. The décor is really cool and circumspect, the color...Continue Reading...


18 Creative Clothes Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Tue, Sep 29, 2015 | Storage

Not everyone has enough space for a walk-in closet, most of us are desperately looking for some space to store a new pair of shoes or a coat. Here are some small space options for your clothes that will help you to keep the room uncluttered and get a comfy storage space. A lofted bed can conceal your closet beneath, and even a usual bed can hide some items....Continue Reading...

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