Smart And Creative Design Of A 29 Square Meters Apartment

Tiny apartment decor is always interesting because storage solutions and other ideas to include everything the owners need. This apartment of just 29 square meters in Wroclaw, Poland, seems very small but cozy. The ceilings are quite high and the architect took the advantage of that, having built a loft. The bathroom and the hallway are on the lower level and a bedroom is just above them. The kitchen, lounge area and the dining room were combined into one large space. The design chosen is very simple, with functional furniture and a color palette that includes whites and creams – these are great colors to expand a small space. To solve the storage problem, the architect chose double-height cabinets for the kitchen and other clever solutions such as including storage compartments in the stairway. A small but spacious-looking apartment, it’s a paradox. Bravo to the designers!

Source: homedit

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